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👉 Rounding up the 5 science-based benefits of intermittent fasting to help you become a better ‘YOU’ this year and beyond!

👉 Are you looking forward to fulfilling your resolutions this year? Well, find out what the science behind resolutions not working is and how to use behavioral science to create resolutions that will work for sure!

👉 Watch out for Jay Shetty’s latest episode on YouTube that is ‘This is Why you are not Happy in Life’ and learn ways to be actually happy in your life from here on out! Jay's great advice and ways of dealing with self and ego will help you attract more happiness into your life.

👉 Did you know that stress, however, small has been damaging your body? If not then go on and dive into our article 'How Stress affects the Body?' this week to learn the facts about stress and avoid stressing out this year to live a peaceful and healthier life. This handpicked article is just what you need to get the biggest enemy ‘Stress’ out of your life once and for all!

👉 Certainty is not always the answer; this is what our latest article '7 strategies to help you live with uncertainty’ is all about. Bringing you all 7 sure shot strategies to help you live with uncertainty peacefully in our latest edit of Mindandflex Newsletter.

👉 Bringing you the ultimate chance of practising simple heart-focused techniques of meditation. All you have to do is join FREE Online Zoom meditation ‘AddHeart by HeartMath’ with Sebastian on 27th of January, Wed, 20:15 - 20:50 GMT and start meditating your way out of stress into a peaceful and healthier life..

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Sebastian, mindandflex