Find Your Happy Place this Winter!

In today’s issue of you will learn how to deal with Negative Emotions proactively, deal with fear, manage stress and overcome worries.

We also introduce you to simple Mindset Tools and how to use them effectively. You will be able to shift the way you think about problems and the way you perceive and respond to your emotions. Here's a quick review of this week's issue:

👉 Did you know that practicing Mindfulness every day can train your brain to dissolve Fear, Stress and Anxiety? Find the latest Harvard research

👉 Does anxiety get worse in winter? As the days get shorter, some people tend to find their anxiety heightens. So if you are someone that feels more anxious or down as the year passes by, what can you do to help yourself? We have answers!

👉 How your family, friends and even strangers contribute to the structure and function of your brain? Have you ever thought, that people’s words and actions can shape your brain? Neuroscientist, Lisa Feldman Barrett explains how.

👉 Let’s not waste our energy on panic! Explore five expert-vetted ways on how to put an end to stress and take back control.

👉 Learn why the practice of writing about what you’re thankful for benefits your mental and physical health. Feeling blue? Explore Gratitude Journaling During Times of Uncertainty

👉 What social distancing does to a fish brain? Have you recently wondered how social-distancing and self-isolation may be affecting your brain? Find the new research.

This Christmas we want to wish you lots of smiles and all the light in the world. From our bubble to yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, safe and healthy holiday season! Treat your body with all the love and care that it deserves. May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always.

Sebastian & Paulina, mindandflex