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How is life going? Do you know how crucial it is to love yourself in these tumultuous times? Are you looking for some out of the box health and wellness tips that will boost your mind and body?

If yes, then MindandFlex’s latest drop is just for you. From curated articles on health and wellness to the discussion of Sadhguru and Deepak Chopra regarding the ecological significance of COVID-19 and how viruses and bacteria have an immense impact on a human being's life on YouTube. From the step-by-step strategy of falling in love with yourself to reasons why photography can help to improve your mental health. You will find all this and much more in our latest edit that will help you grow physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Here’s a preview of what this month’s issue brings:

• Bringing you an account of how gut health and sleep are interlinked, along with the expert advice on how you can improve your sleep cycle by improving your gut health.

• Watch the latest episode of a deep discussion between Deepak Chopra and Sadhguru on crafting a conscious planet and ecological significance of coronavirus, as well as the impact of viruses and bacteria on our lives.

• In our next curated article, we teach you why saying ‘NO’ is so significant. We help you learn its immense power and how you must learn to use it for treating your anxiety as well.

• Pictures are truly worth 1000 words, and here we help you understand why taking up photography as your hobby can be beneficial for your mental health. We bring you 6 ways that photography helps you with mental wellbeing that you will want to go and grab a camera right away!

• 2020 has been tough for all of us. So, if it has made you hate yourself, believe us, you are not alone. We bring you a wholesome strategy to follow and fall in love with yourself again!

• Bringing you the ultimate benefit of having coffee at least once a day to help the caffeine lovers get the perfect excuse for grabbing their cup of coffee!

• Bringing you the ultimate chance of learning and practising simple techniques of meditation focused on your Heart. All you have to do is join in the FREE Online Zoom meditation ‘WeAddHeart by HeartMath’ on the 24th of February, Wed, 20:15 GMT, and start meditating to play your part in raising collective consciousness and add more heart to the world.

• MindandFlex has taken yet another great initiative to ensure your wellbeing ‘ReConnect by Mindandflex FREE Online Monthly Calls.' You got it right; we help you get your power back as a human being and start using the forgotten secret powers of ancient cultures combined with modern science through our FREE Online Monthly Calls.

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